I have always considered myself a solid golfer, with the ability to hit terrible shots at any point in a round. Rosie Golf seemed a perfect fit for me to try and understand my inconsistencies. Shane coach’s golfers of all levels, Beginners, The County Teams and Playing Professionals. It was the work he has done with playing professionals that drew me to seek him out, to try and understand why I can be so good and so bad in the same round.

What I like about Shane’s methods:

It is very practical and built around what the ball does, not positions or a one swing for all approach. My problem was swinging too far to the right (I’m right handed) adding loft and using my hands to square the face up. Leading to high shots that could go anywhere depending on timing. What I liked about Shanes solution and approach, was the fact he explained the feeling, feels and positions, I needed to feel in about 100 different ways until I actually understood what he meant, to me that shows that Shane is an exceptional coach.Rosie Golf’s set up at Blackthorn Wood is very professional and everything you would expect from an elite golf coach but without the premium price tag. If you understand your game and want to get better, I don’t think you can go wrong with booking a lesson at Rosie Golf.




“Having struggled with my game of late and not knowing what was going wrong with me swing, I booked a lesson with Shane @ROSIEGOLF. After just one lesson working on my grip and stance, I am already hitting straighter & Swinging easier and I no longer feel like I am forcing the ball down the course anymore. I even won the closest to the pin challenge on a golf day the very next day”


“Shane has helped to improve my game over a long period of time. He’s able to identify ways to get better results very quickly and works with my own ability and my particular swing. He quickly puts me at ease, and provides expert feedback, suggests subtle changes that reap big improvements and shows me evidence of improvement on specialist recordings made during the lesson on an iPad. He’s patient, understanding and always makes me feel capable of changes suggested that are relevant to me. I always feel more confident after a lesson with Shane and I should make the time to see him more often!”